Why is my Box Critters Account Banned?

Have you received an Error Message while trying to log-in, informing you that your Account has been temporarily and/or been Banned forever. Due to your Account caught breaking one or more Rules of Box Critters. You can also be banned for sending false reports about another Player.

If you think that the Ban was a mistake, you can try to Direct Message Rocketsnail on Twitter to appeal your Account to be un-banned. But remember this before contacting them.

  • The Account Owner is in full responsible for the actions taken on the Account. Blaming that someone else was on the Account, when the Rule Breaking occurred, will in no circumstance lead to the removal of the Ban. Because it’s your responsibility to ensure that your Account is Secured.
  • Being Banned for the same reason multiple times, and saying it was a mistake, highly decreases your chance of being un-banned.
  • There is no justification when using 3rd Party Programs on your Account.

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