When will Box Critters Launch?

When will Box Critters Launch:

The Box Critters Team plans to test many possible features in their many Experiments, once the Experiments are completed, they’ll release the Beta Test, then we will see an Official Launch.

The Team is unsure of how many Experiments will be needed before the Beta Test can start. Since RocketSnail is only working part-time with a few Artists on the game at the moment, some being from the original Club Penguin Team. Once more of the Experiments are completed, they’ll hire some Writers to work on the Box Critters timeline. Also that in-game Music may be added for Beta Testing, if not. It’ll be in Official Launch.

Not much about the Beta Testing is known, due to the Team being busy with the Experiments. Although, we do know that there won’t be an Item planned for the Beta Test Party, but Rocketsnail has something else planned instead. Also don’t worry about your Box Critters Accounts/Items not making it to the Box Critters Beta Testing and Official Launch, all active Box Critters Accounts will be transferred over.

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