My Box Critters Items aren’t appearing in my Inventory

If your Box Critters Items aren’t popping up and/or appearing in your Critter’s Inventory, read our tips on ways to resolve the errors.

  • Due to Box Critters still being in Development, bugs can happen a lot, although if it’s a currently available Item, try relogging into the game and purchasing/picking it up again.
  • If still not working, double check to make sure it’s not on a different My Inventory Page.
  • If it’s an Item Code, it could have expired, and we haven’t updated the Item Codes Page.
  • Sometimes Newly Released Items are buggy, give the Box Critters Team a few hours to fix the Bug, and you can always report Bugs to the Box Critters Official Twitter.
  • Perhaps Clearing your Cache could resolve it.
  • The Item could have been removed from the Game, you can check out the Removed Items page.

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