My Box Critters Items aren’t appearing in my Inventory

Items aren’t Appearing in My Inventory:

  1. Due to Box Critters still being in Development, bugs can happen a lot, although if it’s a currently available Item, try entering in the Item Code again.
  2. If still not working, double check to make sure it’s not on a different My Inventory Page.
  3. The Item Code could have expired, and the Box Critters Help Team haven’t updated the Item Codes Page.
  4. Sometimes when a new Item is released in the first 24 hours, it’s sometimes is bugged, give it a day, and the Team should have it fixed.
  5. Perhaps Clearing your Cache may help as well.
  6. It could have been completely removed from the Game, you can check out the Removed Items page.
  7. Still not there, you can Tweet at the Box Critters Team on Twitter, and inform them of this bug and if they’re able to add this Item for you.

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