List of known Box Critters Staff Members

Below you can find a list of known Staff Members for Box Critters.

Box Critters Team:

Username:Critter:Position:Joined Team:
RocketsnailCreator, Developer
MrpantsDeveloperFebruary 2020
hagridContract DeveloperJuly 2020
Captain PirateIllustratorOctober 2019
Sir ChampionIllustratorOctober 2019
MrchillyContract IllustratorJune 2020
Glitter QueenOffice ManagerApril 2020

Theses Critters are seem around Box Critters as Room Bots, in Videos, Non-Playable Characters, Sneak Peeks, and not known to be owned by one single person, but used only for these reasons by the Box Critters Team.

Game Critters

Agent HamRoom Bot
CarefulOncillaRoom Bot
EvilBobcatRoom Bot
LushSnowballRoom Bot
Snow GirlNon-Playable Character
Snow GrandmaNon-Playable Character
Snow GreeterNon-Playable Character
Snow KeeperNon-Playable Character
Snow PatrolNon-Playable Character
TameOcelotRoom Bot
ViciousCougarRoom Bot

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