Easter Egg Hunt 2021


The Easter Egg Hunt of 2021 started on April 2nd – April 7th. It was Box Critter’s 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt to occur. Instead of three hidden eggs, there were eight items now hidden around Box Critters, you had to click on certain spots in the Tavern, Port and Cellar to locate them.


Image:Name:Location:How to Obtain:
Big Chocolate EggCellarclick on the south-west side
Easter Egg BasketPortclick in the yellow critter ball
Easter Egg GPortclick behind the flower bush on the box
Easter Egg HCellarclick on the toilet paper rolls
Pink Fuzzy Bunny EarsTavernclick on the ship
Pink Fuzzy Bunny SuitTavernclick on the flower pot
Turquoise Fuzzy Bunny EarsPortclick on the fountain
Turquoise Fuzzy Bunny SuitPortclick on the boat

Decorated Rooms:

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