Christmas Event 2020


The Christmas Event 2020 started on December 2nd, 2020 – January 9, 2021. It was the 2nd annual Christmas Event to occur, not only did Critters get to see the return of the Village, but as well as the Cliff and Forest rooms. Starting December 13th, a daily item would be unboxed in the Forest for Critters to find and collect.


Image:Name:Location:How to Obtain:
Green Elf CostumeJungleinside the northern cave
Green Elf HatJunglebeside the volcano
Marshmallow StickJunglebeside the bonfire
Pink Bakery ApronShackclick on the Help Wanted box of them
Santa BeardCellarclick on the Free box of them
Santa HatPortclick on the Free box of them
Santa SuitTavernclick on the Free box of them
Candy CaneForestfind box after December 13th
Green Christmas GiftForestfind box after December 14th
Stuffed Hamster HeadForestfind box after December 15th
Stuffed Hamster BodyForestfind box after December 16th
Holiday MugForestfind box after December 17th
Red Christmas Stocking HatForestfind box after December 18th
Holiday Tree CostumeForestfind box after December 19th
Red Gift LidForestfind box after December 20th
Red Gift BoxForestfind box after December 21st
Holiday ScarfForestfind box after December 22nd
Santa’s Red Toy SackForestfind box after December 23rd
Santa’s SleighForestfind box after December 24th
2021 New Year’s BabyPortfind box after December 31st
Ringmaster HatPortfind box after December 31st

Decorated Rooms:

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