Is Box Critters safe to play?

The Creator and most of the Team behind Box Critters are former Club Penguin / Club Penguin Island Staff Members, and with Club Penguin being one of the most safest virtual worlds for kids while it was online. Box Critters is inspired by Club Penguin and you can trust that your safety is a key focus for the Box Critters Team.

Those were some of the Community Guidelines for Box Critters above. Also you can use some of these tips to remain safe while on the website and outside of it:

  • If something sounds too good to be true, such as someone adding Coins or Items to your Account, don’t click or give any account information to them, and report the issue to your parents and/or to Box Critters Support.
  • Always type the Box Critters domain “” into your url bar, to make sure you don’t get send to a fake website that’s looking to steal your account information.
  • Moderators and Staff Members will never ask for your account information such as Email and Password.

Following these tips will help keep you safe as well as all the safety features that the Box Critters Team focus and develop for their players. We hope that you stay safe on Box Critters and enjoy the game.

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