How to Report a Bug on Box Critters?

Were you playing Box Critters and found a problem with something in-game and/or on the website. The Box Critters Team will love to hear about it, so they can issue a fix for it. Remember to describe it as best as you can to the Team, even if you don’t know some of the details, anything will be helpful to them.

At the moment there is no Official Box Critters Support Email Team or Help Page from the Official Team, but you can tweet them at their Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter, you can comment it below and the Box Critters Help Team will pass it along for it. Although if the bug is involving personal information such as your Account Information, we highly recommend contacting the Box Critters Team yourself.

Things to address when Reporting a Bug:

  • What problem did you see?
  • What were you doing when the problem occurred?
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • Did the problem happen more than once? If so, how often?
  • What web browser were you using?