Help Page

This Help Page is currently only updated with answered common questions based around Box Critter’s First Experiment. As more features are added, more answers will be added.

What is Box Critters?

Box Critters is a Virtual World that is being built by Rocketsnail (best known for his work on Club Penguin, Mech Mice, Epic Snails). This Virtual World is like Club Penguin, but with Runescape quests, sounds like fun! Also it will be created for all platforms (Browser, Desktop, and Mobile). Currently in Beta Testing phase.

How do I play Box Critters?

Currently the First Experiment is online, very basic features are being tested in this version. Play Here!

Can I become a Box Critters Beta Tester?

Yes, you can. Rocketsnail needs all the Testers, and feedback that we can provide to him. Sign up to his Mailing Team to receive Beta invitations and updates.

Where is the Beta Tester Hat on Box Critters?

Currently you can’t pick up the Beta Tester Hat on Box Critters, due to us still in the Experiment Stages, once in Beta Testing Stage, a Beta Tester item will be released

How do I Register for Box Critters?

You can signup on Box Critters at the Play Now page, click Create an Account.

Why is my Box Critters username “Hamster”?

Un-approved usernames will appear as Hamster, you can change your username by contacting Rocketsnail on Twitter.

The Box Critters Server Crashed for me?

The server might crash for a few reasons, but the way to resolve it on your side, would be to Refresh your current browser, and/or try a different browser.

When will Box Critters be Released?

The game is currently in Beta Testing phase, and it’s been confirmed that Beta Testing will at least last a few months. No official date has been released.

How do I Change my Username on Box Critters?

If you are wanting to change your Username on Box Critters, you can Message Rocketsnail on Twitter to further assist you.

Who are the Current Staff Members for Box Critters?

Currently only Rocketsnail, and a couple of Concept Artists. Once the Virtual World grows more, more Staff Members will be hired.

Why did I get Banned on Box Critters?

Due to a few players breaking rules on Box Critters, Rocketsnail has started to ban players for breaking rules. If you feel that a Ban was unfair / a mistake, you can Message Rocketsnail on Twitter.


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