Easter Eggs within Box Critters

Many of the Box Critters Team Members have worked alongside Rocketsnail on other games such as Club Penguin, and AdVenture Capitalist. So like many other video games, the staff members tend to hide Easter Eggs / References from other video games into their current ones. Below you’ll be able to find all the hidden Easter Eggs in Box Critters.

The Migrator – Club Penguin

When inside the Tavern on the left side, you’ll see a pirate ship. This is an Easter Egg of Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator from Club Penguin.

Battle Bears Board Game & Crash Site Room – Battle Bears

The Battle Bears Board Game down in the Cellar as well as the secret room when walked underneath to the Crash Site is an Easter Egg to the real-life Battle Bears Board Game. There are even some Secret Items hidden in that room.

Gold Suit – ADventure Capitalist

On the far right side of the Port in the Shop area, you can see a Gold Suit, this is a reference to the Idle Simulator, AdVenture Capitalist game created by Hyper Hippo Games, the Team behind Box Critters.

Pong Game – Pong

Critters can watch a classic game of Pong being played in the Bridge. Pong was one of the first ever playable computer game.

Buoys – Club Penguin

Buoys were objects that Penguins in Club Penguin could find, they served no general purpose other than making it a scavenger hunt to find them all. Critters can find the Buoy 4 in the Shack.

Were you able to find all these Easter Eggs? Or have you found some not on my list, let me know in the comments below!

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