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With Box Critters getting ready for BETA Testing, they have stopped adding content to the current ALPHA version of the game, if you registered an account before December 2021 you can still play. So with the Team focused on the BETA Testing version, they have turned to their social medias to share Sneak Peeks, Future Features, etc. to show us their progress or just to gather some feedback from the Community for an idea.

Since the Box Critters Team doesn’t have a Development Blog nor a Blog in-general, I have created this Page to keep everyone updated on all the development content that they have shared to the Community. Due to some not having certain social medias, this page will be great for you.

This page is updated weekly with the latest Development News. So remember to check back!

May 2021:

  • May 17th – Such a majestic beast. Do you think it’s a friend, foe or other?

July 2021:

September 2021:

November 2021:

  • November 1st – The team has been busy building new content. Where could this wall go?
  • November 15th – Starting in the new year events are going to slow down while the team focuses on building out some core systems.
  • November 22nd – More behind the scenes images. Here are the current icons for organizing items into categories.
  • November 29thBrand new vehicle in the works for outer space exploration. It’s a real blast.

December 2021:

January 2022:

  • January 10th – The Team shared a sneak peek of a Waving Critter Avatar, they are looking for more ideas for other actions that our Critters can do.
  • January 17th – We got a sneak peek of a “cozy location” room. As well as Mrchilly (Box Critters Artist) sharing a sneak peek of another spot in that room. UPDATE: this room that they shared will be customizable, player-created house sneak peek
  • January 24th – They are moving the Critter Climb (currently in the Jungle) minigame to a new location.
  • January 31st – View of a Beaver Character that players will be able to purchase things from.

February 2022:

March 2022:

April 2022:

May 2020:

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