Item Names Starting with Yy

All Box Critters Items that start with Yy. Remember you can use (Ctrl + F) to quickly find an Item’s Information.

Yellow and Blue Shovel and PailHandNo2021
Yellow and Green KitBodyYes2019
Yellow BallcapHeadNo2019
Yellow BandanaHeadNo2020
Yellow BeretHeadNo2021
Yellow BulbHeadNo2019
Yellow Climbing HelmetHeadNo2021
Yellow Climbing Rope with Grapping HookBeltNo2021
Yellow Duck FloatieHandNo2019
Yellow Fuzzy Bunny EarsHeadNo2020
Yellow Fuzzy Bunny SuitBodyNo2020
Yellow Grass SkirtBeltNo2019
Yellow HoodieBodyNo2021
Yellow Rain HatHeadNo2020
Yellow RaincoatBodyNo2020
Yellow Scuba TankPackNo2020
Yellow Sombrero HatHeadNo2019

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