Item Names Starting with U – W

All Box Critters Items that start with U – W. Remember you can use (Ctrl + F) to quickly find an Item’s Information.

Coming SoonUmbrella HatHeadNoFree2021
Coming SoonUndertaker HatHeadNoFree2021
Ushanka HatHeadWinterNoFree / 120 Coins2019
Coming SoonVampire Black CloakNoFree / 40 Coins2021
Coming SoonVampire Black DressBodyNo50 Coins2021
Coming SoonVampire Black SuitBodyNo50 Coins2021
Coming SoonVampire Grey SkinNoFre2021
White 3D GlassesEyeMovieYesFree2019
White and Blue GogglesEyeSportsNo20 Coins2019
Coming SoonWhite Baseball JerseyBodySportsNo50 Coins2021
White Bunny EarsHeadEventNoFree2019
Coming SoonWhite Chef HatHeadNo40 Coins2021
Coming SoonWhite Chef JacketBodyNo100 Coins2021
White Doctor CoatBodyWorkNoFree / 200 Coins2020
White Doll DressBodyMovieNo2020
White Doll HatHeadMovieNo2020
Coming SoonWhite Fedora HatHeadNoFree / 50 Coins2021
Coming SoonWhite Grad HatHeadSchoolNoFree2021
Coming SoonWhite Grad RobeBodySchoolNoFree2021
White HeadphonesEarGamerNo2019
White HoodieBodyN/AYesFree2019
Coming SoonWhite Lab CoatBodyNoFree2021
Coming SoonWhite Puffy JacketBodyNoFree / 100 Coins2021
Coming SoonWhite SwimsuitBodyNo20 Coins2021
Coming SoonWhite Tennis OutfitBodySportsNoFree / 80 Coins2021
White ToqueHeadWinterYesFree2019
White UFORideSpaceNoFree2020
Coming SoonWhite Wizard BeardFuzzNoFree2021
Wil’s HeadbandHeadEventNo2019
Wil’s OutfitBodyEventYesFree2019
Coming SoonWitch’s BroomNoFree2021
Coming SoonWizard Staff with Yellow Crystal BallHandNoFree / 80 Coins2021
Wooden BarrelBodyN/ANoFree / 100 Coins2020

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