Item Names Starting with Tt

All Box Critters Items that start with Tt. Remember you can use (Ctrl + F) to quickly find an Item’s Information.

Tacky Green SweaterBodyWinterNoFree2019
Tacky Red SweaterBodyWinterNoFree / 100 Coins2020
Tactical HeadsetEarN/ANoFree2020
Tactical VestBodyN/ANoFree2020
Tamago’s ShadesEyeN/AYesFree2019
Tan ParkaBodyWinterNo40 Coins2021
Tan Pirate BandanaHeadPirateNo100 Coins2021
Tan Pirate DressBodyPirateNo100 Coins2020
The Party HatHeadPartyNoFree2019
The Party ScarfNeckPartyNoFree2021
Tie Dye ShirtBodyN/ANoFree / 100 Coins2021
Tillman HeadHeadEventYesFree2020
Tinfoil HatHeadSillyNoFree2019
Traffic Cone HatHeadSillyNoFree2020
Train Conductor HatHeadWorkNoFree2019
Train Conductor UniformBodyWorkNoFree2019
Turkey HatHeadSillyNoFree / 100 Coins2019
Turquoise Fuzzy Bunny EarsHeadEventNoFree2021
Turquoise Fuzzy Bunny SuitBodyEventNoFree2021

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