Item Names Starting with Pp

All Box Critters Items that start with Pp. Remember you can use (Ctrl + F) to quickly find an Item’s Information.

Pantomime FaceFaceHalloweenNoFree2020
Pantomime HatHeadHalloweenNoFree2020
Pantomime SuitBodyHalloweenNoFree2020
PaperclipHandN/ANo50 Coins2021
Pharaoh Gold Face PaintFaceN/ANoFree2021
Pharaoh HeadwearHeadN/ANoFree2021
Pickle HatHeadSillyYesFree2019
Pilgrim DressBodyHistoryNoFree / 100 Coins2019
Pilgrim HatHeadHistoryNoFree / 100 Coins2019
Pilgrim SuitBodyHistoryNoFree / 100 Coins2019
Pink Army HelmetHeadArmyNo80 Coins2021
Pink Bakery ApronBodyWorkNoFree2020
Pink BallcapHeadSportsYesFree2019
Pink BallerinaBodyN/ANoFree2019
Pink BandanaHeadPirateNoFree / 20 Coins2020
Pink BulbHeadHolidayNo20 Coins2020
Pink Bunny EarsHeadEventNoFree2019
Pink Climbing HelmetHeadN/ANoFree / 40 Coins2021
Pink Duck FloatieHandSillyYesFree2019
Pink Fuzzy Bunny EarsHeadEventNoFree2021
Pink Fuzzy Bunny SuitBodyEventNoFree2021
Pink GogglesEyeSportsNo20 Coins2021
Pink HeadphonesEarN/ANoFree2019
Pink HoodieBodyN/ANoFree2019
Pink Mermaid BodyBodyFantasyNo50 Coins2021
Pink Mermaid HairHeadFantasyNo20 Coins2020
Pink Ornament CostumeBodyWinterNo20 / 100 Coins2020
Pink PeacoatBodyN/ANo60 Coins2021
Pink Pirate BandanaHeadPirateNo100 Coins2020
Pink Pirate Captain CoatBodyPirateYesFree2020
Pink Pirate CrewBodyPirateNo200 Coins2021
Pink Pirate DressBodyPirateNo100 Coins2021
Pink Pirate HatHeadPirateNoFree / 2020
Pink Pirate Hat with HairHeadPirateNo100 Coins2020
Pink Plaid ShirtBodyExploreNo200 / 400 Coins2020
Pink Porkpie hatHeadN/ANo20 Coins2021
Pink Princess DressBodyFantasyNoFree / 40 Coins2021
Pink Princess HatHeadFantasyNoFree/ 100 Coins2021
Pink Propeller CapHeadSillyYesFree2019
Pink Puffy JacketBodyWinterNo100 Coins2021
Pink Robot BodyBodySpaceNoFree2020
Pink Robot HeadHeadSpaceNoFree2020
Pink ScarfNeckWinterNo20 Coins / 100 Coins2021
Pink Shovel and PailHandSummerNoFree2021
Pink Superhero CapePackSuperNo50 Coins2021
Pink Superhero MaskMaskSuperNoFree / 20 Coins2020
Pink Superhero SuitBodySuperNo80 Coins2020
Pink SweaterBodyWinterNo20 Coins2020
Pink SwimsuitBodySummerNo20 Coins2020
Pink ToqueHeadWinterYesFree2019
Pink UFORideSpaceNoFree2020
Pink Unicorn FloatieBeltN/ANoFree2020
Pink Viking HelmetHeadVikingNoFree / 2021
Pink VisorHeadSportsNo60 Coins2021
Pirate Hook HatHeadPirateNoFree / 100 Coins2020
Pirate PatchMaskPirateYesFree2019
Pirate VestBodyPirateNo100 Coins2020
Pot HelmHeadSillyNoFree2019
Pot of GoldHandEventNoFree2020
Potato SackBodyN/ANoFree / 100 Coins2020
Pumpkin HeadHeadHalloweenNoFree2019
Purple BandanaHeadPirateNoFree2019
Purple Basketball JerseyBodySportsNo40 Coins2021
Purple Bird WingsPackN/ANo70 Coins2021
Purple Cardboard BoxHeadSillyNoFree2019
Purple Grad HatHeadSchoolNoFree2021
Purple Grad RobeBodySchoolNoFree2021
Purple HoodieBodyN/ANoFree2020
Purple Neck BandanaNeckPirateNoFree / 20 Coins2021
Purple Pie HatHeadSillyNoFree2020
Purple Pirate Bandana HeadPirateNo100 Coins2020
Purple Pirate Hat with HairHeadPirateNo100 Coins2020
Purple ScarfNeckWinterNoFree2020
Purple Spider CostumeBodyHalloweenNoFree2021
Purple ToqueHeadWinterNoFree2019

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