Item Names starting with Ll

All Box Critters Items that start with Ll. Remember you can use (Ctrl + F) to quickly find an Item’s Information.

Large Black ToqueHeadNo2021
Large Christmas ToqueHeadNo2021
Large Purple N’ Teal ToqueHeadNo2021
Large Red ToqueHeadNo2021
Large Two-Face Orange PumpkinHeadNo2021
Leprechaun DressBodyNo2020
Leprechaun HatHeadNo2020
Leprechaun Hat with Green HairHeadNo2021
Leprechaun Hat with Orange HairHeadNo2020
Leprechaun SuitBodyNo2020
Light Blue Superhero CapeNeckNo2020
Light Pink Superhero CapeNeckNo2020
Long Black WigHeadNo2021
Long Blonde WigHeadNo2021
Long Brown WigHeadNo2021
Long Red WigHeadNo2021

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