Item Names starting with Gg

All Box Critters Items that start with Gg. Remember you can use (Ctrl + F) to quickly find an Item’s Information.

Gelatinous CubeRideNo2020
Genius HairHeadNo2021
Genius MoustacheFuzzNo2021
Genius PonytailHeadNo2021
Ghost CostumeBodyNo2019
Giant PencilHandNo2021
Glass of Chocolate MilkHandNo2021
Glass of Lime LemonadeHandNo2021
Glass of MilkHandNo2021
Glass of Orange JuiceHandNo2021
Glass of Pink LemonadeHandNo2021
Gold Cardboard SwordHandNo2021
Gold EarringsEarNo2021
Gold Honor CordNeckNo2021
Gold MonocleEyeNo2021
Gold Ornament CostumeBodyNo2021
Gold Propeller CapHeadNo2019
Gold Sports MedalNeckNo2021
Googly Eye GlassesEyeNo2021
Grad HatHeadNo2020
Grad RobeBodyNo2020
Green and Yellow Party HatHeadYes2020
Green Bakery ApronBodyNo2020
Green BallcapHeadYes2019
Green Brain HeadHeadYes2020
Green BulbHeadNo2019
Green Camping BackpackPackNo2020
Green Cardboard TankRideNo2020
Green Christmas GiftHandNo2020
Green Climbing HelmetHeadNo2020
Green Climbing Rope with Grappling HookBeltNo2021
Green Elf CostumeBodyNo2019
Green Elf HatHeadNo2019
Green Face Paint with WartsFaceNo2021
Green FedoraHeadNo2021
Green Full BeardFuzzNo2021
Green Gift BoxHeadNo2019
Green GogglesEyeNo2020
Green Grass SkirtBeltNo2020
Green HeadphonesEarYes2020
Green HoodieBodyNo2019
Green Ice Cream FloatHandNo2021
Green Neck BandanaNeckNo2021
Green Ornament CostumeBodyNo2021
Green Pirate CrewBodyNo2020
Green Pirate DressBodyNo2020
Green Plaid ShirtBodyNo2020
Green Pot of Gold with RainbowHandNo2021
Green Rain HatHeadNo2021
Green RaincoatBodyNo2021
Green Rectangle SunglassesEyeNo2020
Green Scuba TankPackNo2021
Green Shovel and PailHandNo2021
Green SweaterBodyNo2021
Green Test TubeHandNo2021
Green ToqueHeadNo2021
Green UFORideNo2020
Grey Ninja GiBodyNo2021
Grey Pirate CrewBodyNo2021
Grey Porkpie HatHeadNo2021
Grey UFORideNo2020

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