Box Critters isn’t Loading?!

Game won’t Load:

  • Try using a different Internet Browser, so if you’re using Google Chrome, maybe try using Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Your Internet Connection may be too weak to connect to Box Critters.
  • Now Clearing your Cache just about always resolves the not loading issue, since your Browser could be loading an old version of Box Critters, and it needs to be cleared/restarted.
  • Try using a Join Room Command to teleport to a different Room.
  • The Box Critters Game/Servers could be down for maintenance, check the Box Critters Twitter if this is the case.

Thank you for visiting one of the Box Critters Help website pages! Did you find it useful? If you did, be sure to give it a Like, Share and Comment! Was it missing or had incorrect information? Leave us a Comment or reach us over at our Twitter. Credit will always be given as appropriate. See you again soon! 

-Box Critters Help Founder/Owner, Sir Questy.

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