Box Critters Emote IDs

Currently doing the Emotes Command is the only way to share Emotes on Box Critters. To properly do an Emote Command type “/emote [emote id]”. To quickly use one, you can copy & paste our Commands right into your chat bar.

List of all Active Emotes IDs

Adventure/emote adventure
Angry/emote angry
Awe/emote awe
Checky/emote checky
Coffee/emote coffee
Cool/emote cool
Crying/emote crying
Daze/emote daze
Fart/emote fart
Happy/emote happy
Idea/emote idea
Sad/emote sad
Scared/emote scared
Serious/emote serious
Sick/emote sick
Sleep/emote sleep
Smile/emote smile
Thumbs Up/emote thumbs_up
Upset/emote upset
Worried/emote worried
Yum/emote yum

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