Box Critters Commands

Box Critters Commands are special text that players can use to do certain tasks faster and easier around Box Critters. To start off with any of the Commands, type “/” then followed with the Command below. To quickly use one, you can copy & paste our Commands right into your chat bar.

List of all Active Commands

Dark ModeActivates Dark Mode / Monthly Code./darkmode
EmotesSends Emote / Emote IDs./emote [emoteid]
Equip ItemEquips any specified item onto your Critter. /gear [itemid]
Ignore PlayerIgnores specified Player/ignore [nickname]
InventoryOpens Player’s Inventory/inventory
Join RoomTeleports Player to a specified room / Room IDs./join [roomid]
Players OnlineDisplays how many Players are currently online./pop
Room’s HitboxesToggles room hitboxes on/off./treasure
Room’s NavmeshToggles room navmesh on/off./navmesh
Toggle Chat BalloonsToggles chat bubbles on/off./balloons
Toggle NicknamesToggles players nicknames on/off./nicknames
Zoom In/OutZooms in/out on Player./zoom [number]

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