Box Critters Codes

Box Critters Codes are used to unlock Items for our Critters, plus our Codes page is constantly being updated with the latest Codes around the virtual world game of Box Critters, so remember to check back frequently! Below are all working Codes for August 2022.

How to Enter a Code:

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Copy/Paste or Type the Code into your Chatbar.
  3. Hit enter and you’ll unlock that Item.

Working Box Critters Codes:

Image:Code:Item Name:
/3dboxcrittersBlack 3D Glasses
/adventureBlue Snorkel
/andybulletinRed Propeller Cap
/boxcritters3dWhite 3D Glasses
/boxcrittersguildSilver Cardboard Sword
/boxcritterswikiColoured Paper Hat
/bunnyhugBlue Hoodie
/creativeBlue Propeller Cap
/critbitsPink Ballcap
/cutePink Toque
/darkmode(changes every Month)
/discordcrittersPTGreen Headphones
/duckhunterPink Duck Floatie
/esporteYellow and Green Kit
/freeitem(changes every Monday)
/funPink Propeller Cap
/glitterPink Pirate Captain Coat
/goodnightBlue Sleeping Cap
/greenplumberGreen Ballcap
/imaginationCardboard Box
/livestreamBlack Headphones
/madeincanadaWhite Toque
/marcoRed Keytar
/oommgamesSecurity Officer Suit
/oscarproductionsBlue Electric Guitar
/picklePickle Hat
/piratepackPirate Patch
/redcrossAustralian Hat
/rocketsnail (when Rocketsnail is online)Red Viking Helmet
/rocketsnail (when Rocketsnail is offline)Rocket
/scarletravenRaven Wings
/snowballWhite Hoodie
/sparkleSilver Propeller Cap
/squeezeOrange Hoodie
/staysafeDoctor Mask
/tamagoTamago’s Shades
/tbt(only works on Thurdays)
/thekeeperGreen and Yellow Party Hat
/wikicrittersGreen Brain Head

6 thoughts on “Box Critters Codes

    1. I have personally looked into it, and the Codes seem to not be working on my side either. I have informed the Box Critters Team about the issue.


  1. Gostei que ‘/esporte’ é uma roupinha de futebol estilo seleção brasileira. Te amamos do Brasil, RocketSnail ❤
    Thank you for the codes!


  2. Thank you for the codes! 🙂
    Adorei que ‘/esporte’ é uma roupa de futebol estilo seleção brasileira ❤ Te amamos do Brasil, RocketSnail!


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