Welcome to the About Us page. Where you can find fun facts about Box Critters Help, as well as the Critters that work on Box Critters Help behind-the-scenes.

Sir Questy

Sand Sculpture Event 2021

Who is Sir Questy?

I am the Founder of Box Critters Help and my job is to keep all the Pages updated with the latest information and to add new Pages for FAQs (frequently asked questions).

When did I join Box Critters?

I pre-registered my Account back in April 2017, when Rocketsnail just announced development would push forward for Box Critters.

Why did you create Box Critters Help?

I have always enjoyed helping Players in my favourite games, and I decided to open a website for all Critters to have a single place to find the latest Guides and FAQs.

What is my default outfit on Box Critters?

You usually will always see me in my Blue Knight’s Armour with my Blue Cape, and Cardboard Sword. Fun Fact: Both Sir Champion (a Box Critters Staff Member) and I share a similar username and outfit.

Where do you like hanging out on Box Critters?

I really love sitting in the Shack, so when I’m working on the website, I’ll idly place my Critter in there. So if I don’t say “Hi” back, it’s because I’m away working on the website.

How can I Support/Contact you?

The best way to Support me is to share Box Critters Help with your Critter friends. It honestly means so much to me, when I get told that they were told about the website from a friend. As well as leaving comments on Pages that helped you, are awesome to read every time.

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