Box Critters Development Update (February 22, 2019)

Hey Critters,

The latest Box Critters Development Update is loaded with the new information we have learn’t as well as some information to what will the Experiment Two be basic around and when we could possibly be seeing it released, and some new FAQs. This is updated from all new information from February 16 – February 22, 2019.

Box Critters Development Updates:

  • New Raccoon colour, Pink has been shared. (check picture below)
  • Rocketsnail is planning to have lots of club penguin references hidden within Box Critters.
  • Rocketsnail hosted a poll to see which next feature we would like to see, and “Add Items and Inventory” won, so this update will take roughly 3 – 5 weeks.
  • The Beta Hat will arrive when the experiments are done and the beta begins.
  • Players will keep their items in these experiments / beta testing.
  • Your account will continue into experiment 2 and so forth.
  • He plans to work on an HD version later.
  • My goal is to add a couple new improvements and features every couple days. This allows me time to observe the fans and adapt my plans.
  • Currency will be added in the future.
  • He like the name, Box Critters and plans to use it. Previously was unsure if he would change it or not.
  • Rocketsnail might change his Critter Character to the icon Rocketsnail for others to see him easier in-game.
  • A Dark Mode for the website being worked on.
  • Rocketsnail would love it for the fans to name the pirate hamster in the Tavern (First Room)
  • No plans on how a membership will work yet, but he does know, that he’s not planning ads.
  • Currently is reworking all the character animated for expressions and items.
  • Rocketsnail has added eyebrows to the Hamsters, lots of the players enjoyed that new look. Especially with the new emoji faces that they are working on, the eyebrows will be great.
  • There will be a dance animation.
  • For Items, he’s planning vehicles.

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Community Showcase:

Box Critters Experiment OneTech70 : where he shows us the basics to starting a new account in Experiment One.

Critter’s TavernSponix : somewhere you can go to check out Box Critters tips, reviews and much more.

Super awesome to see more and more fan-blogs popping up for Box Critters, we are the future of the game, and I also can’t wait to see what others bloggers can achieve in this Community! Wishing you all the best. Also here are the images that we chatted about in the Development Update.



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