Box Critters Development Update (February 15, 2019)

Hi Critters,

The new Box Critters Development Update for everything new we have learned about Box Critters this week, will be featured here. You can read last week’s post here, to remain fully updated. Now onto this week’s Development Updates, lots of new updates will be coming up, read below for more information.

Box Critters Development Updates:

  • All the the original (players that pre-registered years ago on accounts are ready to use, just press Lost Password if you forgot your password.
  • Items are one of the next features to be tested.
  • Rocketsnail has released that the First room’s name is Hamster Tavern.
  • He has found the bug that crashes the server, and is planning on adding a larger screen and better login, all of these will be updates ready for next week.
  • Next update after that will either be Items or better Chat Logs.
  • Player cards will be in a later update, but Rocketsnail has a couple of new ideas for player cards.
  • Player usernames in-game are getting bigger / easier to see.
  • Reason why he changed from 3D to 2D is because sadly the 3D would not work in the browser, and he wants to make Box Critters for as many devices as he can.
  • Rocketsnail’s job is to fix everything and make it stable before spending time on making more rooms that would need to be fixed later.
  • He’s been rethinking how rooms work. Got a crazy idea for spaces with rooms in them. His hope is for his new server will be able to handle 1000 critters per space/room.
  • Working on a better idea than Club Penguin’s Chat History for Box Critters.
  • Plans to update the hud are in development, but just not yet.
  • Work on the Box Critters website is in development.

Past Development Update Posts:

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Community Showcase:

Se Liga CrittersPlaycenter : a Portuguese fan blog, also amazing website design, and super helpful information.

Official Box Critters RedditRocketsnail : the official Reddit page for Box Critters.

Not many new Box Critters Community projects being showcased this week, but don’t forget you can check out all the amazing Blogs/Wikis over on our Community Page. Remember to Tweet me, if you have released a new Box Critters fan blog, or have a fun Box Critters related post that you want me to showcase here. Until next time,




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