New Critter, Raccoon Design Released!

Hey Critters,

Community Members, Icy & Drivr3joe hosted a Box Critters Interview with Rocketsnail, where we got to learn more about Box Critters, but most important we got a look at the new Critter design, Raccoon. I will share anymore information that we have learned from their Interview and the Raccoon design will be at the bottom.

  • Rocketsnail does want to add a Day and Night system, maybe with a light switch so we can choose which we like.
  • There will be PVE (Player vs Emery), no idea on how it’ll work, but a future feature.
  • Lots of Teamwork/Community work will be a key thing.
  • Be able to hide the User Interface, Names, etc. to capture good moments.
  • Beta Testing is going to take months.

Now here is the Raccoon design that was exclusively given to Joe and Icy during their Interview, I hope other players are able to interact with Rocketsnail through other interviews, videos, blogs, etc.

Raccoon Character

Now that’s awesome, I love it. I have been saying since 2017 that Raccoon will most likely be my default character and I still stand by that. Do you have a favourite Critter yet, or what critter would you like to see on the game. Until next time,




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