Box Critters Development Update (February 8, 2019)

Hey Critters,

Welcome to the Box Critters Help website, we have decided to fully move our content from Club Penguin Island to now Box Critters, although you can still view some of our CPRewritten content, but soon we will fully move to only Box Critters. Please let me know in the comments below, what you would love to see. Now onto all the latest development updates we have gotten since our last post, January 17, 2019 – Everything We Learnt in the Last Two Years, if you’re still new to everything Box Critters, I would recommend reading that as well to remain up-to-date on it all.

Now from January 17 to February 8, this is everything we currently know about the Box Critters Development.

Box Critters Development Updates:

  • Both the room and the character are working, plus the props in the room now sort with the character.
  • Not for a while, but it will have Player rooms and spaces.
  • There will be items to customize your critter.
  • The old Box Critters website’s registration needs to be reworked, due to the old website not being HTTPS
  • The character, Hamster’s mouth will now be closed, due to players not liking the open mouth look.
  • The interface will be nothing like Club Penguin’s one.
  • Working on a feature to change your characters expression to help everyone expand their styles if they plan on wearing clothing too.
  • Box Critters will be available for Android and Apple. These will be later tests.
  • Would love for fans to help Lance translate the world, but can work on that after the game has been built.
  • The hamsters actually come from a number of character designs from Happy Bacon Games. I guess Box Critters is a mixture of many of the best ideas.
  • Raccoons are coming. Lance just got the first couple sketches from his character artist.
  • There will be colours to choose from in Box Critters, colours will be worked on after the first experiment gets done.
  • Currently working out how items and expressions will work together
  • He’s using the CreateJS framework for animation and artwork. The character animation is a spritesheet
  • My goal is to create a master chef raccoon ninja viking
  • He finally got multiple hamsters moving around in the same room. Next step is to build a simple login so you can play around (Released that experiment today, February 8, 2019). Lance is a long way from the full beta, this was only an early test.
  • The first couple of tests will be for web browsers. Hopefully everyone can test it.
  • Important: If you registered on the old box critters website, you may need you to register again. A number of governments changed the laws on account registration
  • Parties are being planned for Box Critters.
  • Yes, Box critters will have exclusive items.
  • It’s called Box Critters because the boxes are where the items are.
  • Box Critters has the Community Sift Filter added in the first experiment Test.
  • Rethinking the Runescape quest ideas, been brainstorming something a little different,

Not only is Lance working on some Box Critters Development, but the Community has started to grow more, with fanblogs, and videos popping up more and more. I would love to showcase some of my favourites, for you all to check out as well.

Community Showcase:

“A Game like Club Penguin”Jimbobson : writing about how Box Critters is that game we’ve all been looking for that’s like Club Penguin, also speaking about it in general. Great read!

“Has Box Critters changed directions?”Dadted : if you have been a fan of Box Critters since 2017 when Lance first mentioned it, within the last two years there has been many changes, and Dadted explains about it all, so if you love history, you’ll enjoy the read!

“Rocketsnail Interview”Drivr3joe : this interview releases February 9th, but in this interview you will learn about new information, and even another sneak peek, if enough I’ll create a post just about it for everyone to read.

Lots of great things are happening in Box Critters, both in-game and Community. I can’t wait to see how the next few months go from here. Remember to join the Beta Test Team to receive emails first on the latest Box Critters experiments. Also if you want to be part of the next Community Showcase, Tweet me. Until next time,




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