Everything We Learnt in the Last Two Years

Hey Critters,

(Everything we knew about Box Critters up to January 17th, 2019)

Welcome to Box Critters Help’s first new post. Here at our website you will be updated on everything Box Critters. Below we will go through every little piece of information we currently know about Box Critters. Enjoy!

  • Box Critters is a new HTML5 virtual world (browser, mobile, desktop) in the works, Lance explains that it’s basically like Club Penguin, but with Runescape Quests.
  • The name, Box Critters is still up for debate at the time, meaning he may change it over time. [10]
  • No official Release Date, but Rsnail wants to release Box Critters in a number of experiments before announcing an official Beta Test version [9], which he shared some will be started soon. [8]
  • Currently the only Characters are Hamsters, but Box Critters will feature many different Characters that you will be able to change at anytime. [4] Some unofficial Characters are: raccoons, sheep, cow, dog, cat, pig, fox, bear, penguin, bunny, lizard, and turtle.
  • Beta Test Item has been confirmed, but no information on what it will be.
  • It’s currently only RocketSnail working on Box Critters, but as the game grows, he will be hiring more Staff Members. Also he’s gotta some former Club Penguin Artists to work on the first room. [7]
  • Main purpose of Box Critters will be wrapped around everything being Collectible, Spent-able, and Give-able, which means every piece of item will be collectible.
  • Different Languages will be available over time.

Some more unofficial small details that RocketSnail mentioned that he had in his notes for Box Critters, some of these are almost 2 years old, so they may be out-dated, or still being added into the game. But check them out.

  • Critters will be able to collect Skins by completing Quests, which you will be able to collect.
  • Mascots aren’t mentioned, but when asked, Lance replied with liking the idea of Players being Role Models in the game. [5]
  • No Catalogs for Clothing, rather you have to collect items from completing Quests, etc. [6]
  • You will be able to gain Achievements and Levels by completing Quests/Games. [1]
  • A secret organization known as The Foot Clan, all very hush hush. [2]
  • The Combat System from a previous game of Rsnail’s could be used in Box Critters. [3]
  • Every week there will be a “Loot Box”, where you can do something with it. Such as themed items, rooms, adventures. Take everything that you got in it, and can even give it to other players.
  • You have to learn to use Emojis, by getting them in these “Loot Boxes”. Like if you send out this unique Emoji, everyone in the room would also learn it as well.
  • Some items you’ll have to go on an Adventure to learn.
  • Still unsure if Trading will be added, because then younger players will have all their items stolen.

That’s a lot of information for Box Critters, but now you’re all up-to-date on everything. Which means we can move forward with asking, giving feedback/ideas, and playing Box Critters.

box critters room

Do you want to help Beta Test Box Critters, and other RocketSnail Games? Well you can join the Beta Team here.

Before it’s opened, a box can contain anything.



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